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Dry Cleaning services

During dry cleaning, the pump pulls solvent from the tank and sends it through the filters to remove any impurities. The filtered solvent then enters the cylinder, where it interacts with the fabrics and removes any soil. 


We Use biochemicals and oxo-biodegradable plastic bags and having all modern machinery for washing. Thus the fabric life increases.

Ironing Service

We will give you complete Ironing services. We will collect your clothes, clean them and then iron them so that all you have to do is hang them back in your wardrobe ready to wear immediately.

Sofas Cleaning

We will come for a full consultation and will then ensure that your items are cleaned and done up either at your premises or at our facilities and then put back in exactly the manner you require so you don’t have to face any hassles in your house cleaning.

Carpet & Curtain Cleaning

As your requirement, we will clean carpet and curtains at your residing place with a quotation and there is another option to pick up the materials and clean in our premises and get back to you.

Experts in Special Services

We are experts in special services includes dry cleaning of leather jackets and wedding dresses.

Alterations Services

We pick up your clothes and will provide a quotation for the work once examined by our tailor and will endeavor to get the items back to you at the earliest time possible. Why wait to wear that new dress. Let us handle these chores for you.


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